Jack Ingoff 'The Turn Up EP' 12"

Jack Ingoff 'The Turn Up EP' 12"

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Amir Alexander Acid (AAACID) returns with his Jack Ingoff alias, a sub-alias of his Smiley Virus pseudonym to bring you an abstract acid dj tool EP. Fully Road tested from Berlin, to NYC, to the Ukraine, and beyond it s been leaving wrecked dance floors in its wake. As per usual, the tracks on this label always feature odd time synth patterns against 4×4 beats creating poly-rhythmic effect that first stupefies and then invigorates the crowd as they realize that these are not the average acid tracks. Stripped raw bangers. Just 909 and a 303 pure and simple. Yet utilized in fresh, new, and complex ways.

Cat: AAACID002

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