Faze Lock ‘Come Again’ b/w ‘Feel It’ 12"
Liftin Spirit

Faze Lock ‘Come Again’ b/w ‘Feel It’ 12"

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* The original sister label to Ram Records from the old Ram HQ studio in Essex, Liftin Spirit Records now celebrates it’s 25th year with a special ‘RELOADED’ limited vinyl series of remastered classics, alongside rare and previously unreleased tracks since the beginning in1992.

* DATs from artists such as Andy C, Ant Miles, Shimon, Joint Venture, Interrogator and Red One have been located in the archives. Also from the Ram & Liftin HQ came tracks for the Deep Seven label in 1993 and all these rare DAT masters have been located and now re-cut by Simon, the original Ram & Liftin vinyl masterer at ‘The Exchange’. Initially, Deep Seven remasters will present on a printed white label and unreleased tracks will have a black label.

* The 6th release on the celebrated Deep Seven Records label was the last Desired State production to emerge out of the Ram/Liftin Spirit HQ. Under the alias ‘Faze Lock’, 2 more 1993 Hardcore rollers emerged in the form of 'Come Again' and 'Feel It'.

Release Date: 20th July 2020

Cat: ADMM52

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