AKO10 Series Presents: The Last Ronin 10"
AKO Beatz

AKO10 Series Presents: The Last Ronin 10"

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[10″ Blood Splattered Vinyl]

A side kicks off with a beautifully crafted remix of a classic 1995 Foul Play track that will take you on a journey, just close your eyes and let the music do the rest. On the flip is a track called Amazon, lovely pads with breaks and sounds from the Amazon jungle before the switch in a .

This is the 1st release of a series of tracks across all genres by Stretch & Enjoy and we hope you like. We would like to thank John from Foul Play for the blessing as this was a personal tune for the Last Ronin family to rework a beau blood splattered over crystal clear 10″ vinyl from the Shaolin temple.

Release date: 22nd May 2020

Cat: AKO10006

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