Birke TM 'Trust The Process / Real Highs' 12"
Bakery Dubs

Birke TM 'Trust The Process / Real Highs' 12"

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We’ve been cooking up something fresh at Bakery Dubs, the new sub-label of Neighbour Recordings. Mixing things up, doing just what we feel and that means anything from dub to drum and bass, hip-hop to ambient and anything in between. House and techno are never far away of course with Quantec and Birke TM behind this project too, but it’s not the raison d'être. Take our debut release. Birke TM steps forth with Trust The Process and Real Highs, a ten-inch hand-stamped EP, frenetic breakbeat homages to the original d&b scene yet owing as much to downtempo grooves, spiritual deep house and jazzy flavas.
Release date: 15th May 2020

Cat: BD01

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