Bop 'Patterns I Have Known & Loved' (Split Colour Vinyl)
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Bop 'Patterns I Have Known & Loved' (Split Colour Vinyl)

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A1. Untitled Pattern 48
A2. Untitled Pattern 52
A3. Untitled Pattern 62
B1. Untitled Pattern 66
B2. Untitled Pattern 68
B3. Untitled Pattern 69

On the ultimate and final installment of Bop’s ‘Untitled Patterns’ series, ‘Patterns I Have Known And Loved’, the master of moody and marvelous sonics takes an extraordinary voyage into the outskirts of electronic music and beyond, with this special edition release for Record Store Day 2019.

Available as a stunning 50/50 black and white split 12” vinyl, this rare cut is a testament to Med School and Bop, and their dedication to the exploration of drum & bass realms and beyond - a true collector's item.

Comprised of three brand new patterns and an equal number of personal favorites from the series, the Russian musical mastermind takes one last descend down the untitled path as his year-long journey reaches its finale.

New ‘Untitled Patterns’ 66, 68 and 69 see a more playful trip through the glitch inspired micro funk canvas, showcasing a variety of stripped-back grooves crossing over to the realms of ambient, dub, footwork and techno.

Cat no. MEDIC86T

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