Tristan Arp 'Slip' 12"
Banoffee Pies Records

Tristan Arp 'Slip' 12"

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Banoffee Pies Records drop their 12th release in the original series with a solo EP from New York based Tristan Arp. With a string of intricate music on the likes of Human Pitch and a recent LP entitled "Suggested Forms", which offers a wider exploration into his work, Tristan's passion for sound design echoes in this record.

All four tracks offer an environment somewhere between a feeling and a dancefloor with obscure influences in polyrhythmic drum patterns and a clear combination of digital and analogue processing. "Swept Thru" opens proceedings with a spiral of rhythms and heavy percussion leaping in energy throughout, before the spooked out Vox takes control on "Oblique House" with deeper movements in a haunted club tune. The B side opens with the title track "Slip" in a powerful whirlwind arrangement of sub bending sounds before the final colour is added to the palette in "Circling Music'' with emotive jingles in a more retained and patient mood.

You can hear Tristan's other work within the Asa Tone project - a trio group well worth the trip, offering a deep variety of works exploring field recordings taken and formulated in Indonesia beneath a tree canopy deep in the jungle. This same energy and mood spills into this release. Music for feeling. Much love BP x

Released: 2020-04-24

Cat: BP012

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