Soela ‘Genuine Silk’ 2LP

Soela ‘Genuine Silk’ 2LP

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01. Prologue (feat. Module One)
02. Shadows On The Wall
03. Inconsistency (feat. Christopher Ledger) 04. Hold On
05. Lullaby
06. The Same Things, The Same Thoughts 07. Power of Mind
08. Genuine Silk
09. It’s Around Us, It’s Everywhere
10. Where Did You Go?

Dial warmly welcomes Soela to be the first album release in 2020, the 20th anniversary year of the label and the latest addition to their artist’s roster. Soela’s debut Album Genuine Silk is an exploration into the deepest shades contemporary and House Music and Ambient. With a continuous stream of essential compositions, Soela creates a mesmerising undertow of enchanting atmospheres and moods.

Soela aka Elina Shorokhova is a wanderer, passing through cities, clubs, landscapes and genres that all left unmistakable traces on this release. Genuine Silk marks the end of a three year long journey that started in Rostov-on-Don and ultimately led to a new life for her in Berlin. Three years that saw acclaimed and celebrated releases on record labels like Kompakt, Detroit Underground and Nerang Recordings.

Release date: 17th April 2020


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