Dissident & Code  'Ecstatic Gloom' 12"
Dissident & Code  'Ecstatic Gloom' 12"

Dissident & Code 'Ecstatic Gloom' 12"

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A1 - Dissident - Universe Eat Universe

B1 - Code - Dark Night

Irish label, Subtle Audio and Opposide Records, based in St Petersberg, Russia, proudly present the ‘Ecstatic Gloom’ collaboration release - a meeting of minds and styles from two labels firmly committed to the deeper and more experimental sounds of Drum & Bass. Being based in countries with a tradition for the strange and the occult, it's no surprise that both label's selections positively revel in their dark, murky and eerie otherworldly-ness.

The Subtle Audio side of the 12" gives Dissident’s classic ‘Universe Eat Universe’ a second outing with fresh mastering from long term fan of the track, and himself a talented producer of the moody drumfunk sound, Macc.

The track opens with ghostly bells shimmering over a steady beat and brooding bassline and then drops into a haunting 5 note riff. Weird n wonderful sounds meander around this motif creating a vibe thick with the essence of the supernatural. If there's an ecstasy in darkness, then it seems Dissident may have found it!

Code's ‘Dark Nights’ was previously released on Opposide’s ‘Double Your Displeasure’ CD, but now comes with a shiny new mixdown and master for it's vinyl incarnation.

Inspired by spooky walks in the Irish countryside in the dark of winter, the gloomy pads immediately set the tone here. The drums stop n start, punctuated by an ominous bass note and ghostly stabs echo in and out before a slight pause leads into a breakbeat roll out with a searingly dark pad that builds tension as further sounds brim with danger and menace.

'Sometimes I have these dark thoughts' - at the crescendo, the drums pitch down and and the track invokes the spirit of a certain 80's horror movie as it opens out into a crystalline synth riff. As the drums roll, the 'bump in the night' bass punches back into the mix and a symphony of terrifying splendor is complete!

Release Date: January 2019



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