DLR  'One More Record EP' 12"

DLR 'One More Record EP' 12"

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A1 - DLR & Total Science - Spluurge
B1 - DLR - One More Record
B2 - DLR - It's You

This one’s straight out of ‘96 – or is it? Taking you back deep down to the sounds of now, it’s DLR on Total Science’s CIA Records, with three slamming cuts to possibly jam your radar – but sure to pleasure your senses.

DLR is on another plane with his sonic capabilities, with an almost unmatched ability to capture that contemporary big room sound. Match him with rave luminaries Total Science and you and The Doc may as well have parked the Delorean outside Stratford Rex. Going in deep with a few of the more obscure old skool breaks, big bold rave pianos and classic samples – you’re sure you maybe heard this one before? And that big big bass to just take apart the place. This one’s danger.

The One More Record EP houses three killer cuts from DLR, the lead track ‘Spluurge’ alongside Total Science. They all capture the jungle vibe perfectly, yet sound bang up to date, and are sure to feature in any DJs set that values that 90’s vibe and needs to take the roof off the dance.

Release Date: 10th January 2020

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