Endlec 'SKG4LIFE EP' [Coloured 12" with insert] 12"
Inner Surface Music

Endlec 'SKG4LIFE EP' [Coloured 12" with insert] 12"

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Inner Surface Music is proud to present the next release from Endlec.

The talented Greek producer has been cementing his name
in the techno scene over the past 6 years with his own take of raw sounding techno.

`Stronger Than Fear´ kicks the EP off with its tough and infectious groove. This is classic techno with a modern touch, sharp stripped
percussion plays with the syncopated stab and melodic sequence for pure dance floor tension. `Strictly Havoc´ is a more distorted affair
the distorted kick plays with the percussion feeling loose and scatty to create swing against the twisted and demented melodies of the
synth line.

`SKG Electrik´ - this is Endlec showing how simplicity can destroy any dance floor. Tight rhythmic percussion and heavy kick drum meander
and slip along the surface while the stab is only adding to the momentum and pressure of this steam train.

`SKG Electrik´ (Makaton Cordyceps Remix) - to close the ep we have a remix from one of the original UK techno innovators, Makaton. The remix starts with a hypnotic passage of endlec´s original stabs rearranged into something more psychedelic and spaced out. In true Makaton form we drop into a deep and dark driving section of stripped back drums before melting into the hypnotic stabs to crescendo as we slowly dissolve away into the darkness.

Release Date: 14th February 2020

Cat: INNER016

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