Soul II Soul 'Missing You (Jungle Remixes)' 12" (Blue Vinyl) [SALE]
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Soul II Soul 'Missing You (Jungle Remixes)' 12" (Blue Vinyl) [SALE]

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A1. Missing You (Noodles & Wonder Remix)
B1. Do You Love Enuff (Genius Mix by Dillinger)

Before drum‰Û÷n‰۪bass there was Jungle. Born on the progressive reggae sound systems of the early 1990s, jungle was the UK‰۪s answer to dancehall and one of Soul II Soul‰۪s enduring legacies - take what‰۪s already there and adapt it to make it unique. Fittingly, next up on the Funki Dred label are two of 1995‰۪s most elusive jungle mixes: the sought after version of 'Missing You', giving vocal outtakes a deserved new life; and Dillinger‰۪s Genius mix of 'Do You Love Enuff'. Both only previously available as limited-edition white labels, each has a strictly junglist foundation ‰ÛÒ edgy, headrush and dubwise haziness ‰ÛÒ overlaid with dreamy Funki Dred-style vocals, as Soul II Soul in the jungle gives a distinctive take on an under-appreciated black British style.

Expected: 26th February 2021åÊ


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