Muten 'Radiation Belt EP' 12"
From The Void Above

Muten 'Radiation Belt EP' 12"

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A1. Las Piedras Crew
A2. Súcubo
B1. Inversión Polar
B2. Quasar (w/ Nacho CL)

Our first analysis of frequencies from the void above resulted in a message relayed from a planet ravaged by magnetic storms. FTVA01 compiles four cuts by veteran artist Muten with an exceptional take on acid house, techno and electro, including a collaboration with Nacho CL.

On the A-side, the release opens with Las Piedras Crew, a fast-paced thriller with a driving acid synth. A2, Sucubo, an acid house extravaganza filled with electric ambients and textures coupled with a driving groove.

On the B-side we have Inverisón Polar, an exceptional take on classic trance style techno perfect for a high-energy dancefloor. Closing the release is the collab track Quasar, a gloomy but powerful track showing the best of the uruguayan old and new schools, showcasing nothing but talent and exceptional sound design.

“Accept the existence of the void as a real entity, in which atoms can move and rearrange themselves”.

Cat: FTVA01


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