Pugwash & Probe 'The Tomb Part Two / Army Of Darkness' 12"

Pugwash & Probe 'The Tomb Part Two / Army Of Darkness' 12"

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Pugwash was immersed in the jungle scene since the very beginning. A proper underground legend who ran his own label ID Records to put out his own music written alongside “Probe”. ID Records was a sub-label of “Brain Records” from Bizzy B. Pugwash and Bizzy B wrote a ton of incredible music in the mid nineties and formed the “Dynamic Duo” for releases on Joker. Pugwash has worked on loads of releases over the years and used many pseudonyms like “The Specialist” & “Peter Parker” on labels like “Da Lick” and “Brain Records”.

This short lived label left behind a legacy of 4 seminal releases in ‘93 / ‘94, this being the most sought after one! This is Commodore Amiga Jungle at it finest!

Release date: 10 April 2020

Cat: ID3

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