Luna-C ‘Remixes’ EP
Knight Force

Luna-C ‘Remixes’ EP

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"Luna-C lets Shoreman, Pre-School, Wisloy & DJ Beeno rework some of his classics.. Breakbeats, pianos and rave stabs galore!"


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kniteforce head honcho and all round oddball Luna-C drops an eclectic remix EP, featuring tracks spanning his entire 3 decade career. Shoreman takes “Bomb Da Bassline” and makes it as mad as you might expect from the mastermind behind “On The Edge”. Success’n’Mistreat meanwhile is remixed back to the early 90’s sound of MARRS and that sample heavy era. The Wislov remix of “Edge Of Madness” is perhaps the standout, being a classic anthem remixed into an even more formidable style, and the EP is rounded off by KF newcomer Dj Beeno, who takes the obscure “Hurricane” and blows it away...

Release date: 29th May 2020

Cat: KF106

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