J.D.S '‘Higher Love Remixed’ EP' 12"

J.D.S '‘Higher Love Remixed’ EP' 12"

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Frankly, this EP is ridiculous. It was originally planned as a double pack, so we were excessive with getting both a Pete Cannon remix and a Hyper On Experience remix. I was tempted to do one myself but I though "nah, no one can top the original" and then had to eat my words because all 4 of these meet, if not beat, the original classic tune. Petes is of the hook madness, hands in the air biznizz. Hyper On take it to a whole new crystal clear and completely complex level. HSI changes it from what Stompin Tunes would do to what perhaps Reinforced would do. And Wislov roles it back in time to an almost Njoi-esq style 1991 banger. Absolutely amazing...

Release date: 14th August 2020

Cat: KST02

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