Unknown '303 First Pattern' (Clear Vinyl)
Zodiak Commune Records

Unknown '303 First Pattern' (Clear Vinyl)

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The First Pattern has arrived! Time to land 303 First Pattern EP, This time all about pumping Acid Techno with some Rave sounds from Unknow Artists! Are you in for some 303 Patterns!?

A1 - 303 First Pattern
Techno pumpin', Acid Bassline hummin'. Straight up Acid Rave Techno coming through your speakers. We do like that phat kick in the end ;-)

A2 - Spectral Acid
Diving a little deeper in this chapter. The Acid grabbing you and dragging you down a little more. Dolphins? Whales?? All sorts of creatures dwelling in the ocean of Acid sounds.

B1 - I am The Master of My Fate
90's Rave Basher. Uncompromising Acid sequence giving this banger the lovely character. We feel the vibe. Are you the master of your fate?

B2 - The Day Of The 303
Deeper Acid verses combined with snappy hats and firm drums. Let's Party on the day of the 303!

Cat: ZC-303001

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