Adelphi Music Factory 'Joy and Fantasy EP' 12" (Repress)
Shall Not Fade

Adelphi Music Factory 'Joy and Fantasy EP' 12" (Repress)

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Four heavy cuts showcase the childhood friends’ unique ability to blur the lines between dance music

First up: ‘Area 39’ delves into heritage UK dance culture, where the old school sounds that filled the speakers of Sheffield’s clubs in the nineties take full control. Enormously raw drum breaks meet classic rave stabs and high-pitched vocal sampling for a full-fledged joy ride.

‘Cuba’ comes next, with a dirty rolling sub-bassline hard at work under a jackin’ 909 drum groove. The track peaks with a hardcore influenced Korg M1 piano. Hooky and unapologetic, it drives the track up to the outer stratosphere.

‘The Comedor’ is an emotion-laden banger that packs a massive punch. Bright, hooky synth chords lead the charge with diced up vocal snippets time-stretching over the drop until a full-pelt, breaks driven drum groove takes hold. A high energy club pumper, primed for peak time slots.

‘Jura’ closes the EP with deep, driving techno sounds from the offset. AMF pair diligent breaks with fat drum machine grooves and perfectly filtered chord stabs for this end-of-night instrumental wonder.

Cat: SNF046

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