jamesjamesjames  'James 2007 EP' 12"
Shall Not Fade

jamesjamesjames 'James 2007 EP' 12"

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jamesjamesjames hovers somewhere between Y2K house and super-sugary PC music, creating a unique and sexy sound that just feels expensive. The Melbourne-based artist has built a large following with poppy earworms and pounding house, and now joins Shall Not Fade’s Classic Cuts series for a full EP of hits.

james2007EP starts with the anthemic ‘It’s Not You, It’s Me’; pairing the rumble of jungle breaks with melancholic, airbrushed vocals that show their SOPHIE influence, it’s an eye catching opener. ‘My Purple iPod Nano’ has a sound palette which will transport you straight back to a 00s club night, teasing a climax that stays just out of reach with pumping synth stabs and a kick drum that packs a punch. On the B-side, ‘Orange Tesla’ is a high-pressure roller that centres a pacey melody - sure to be a 3am dancefloor energiser. The record closer, ‘I Dunno Her’, brings back the emotive edge with spaced out pads and glittery little ear candy moments overarching the still-racing beat. Ballad-like vocals that are barely perceptible add depth. This EP showcases jjj’s talent for catchy and clever hybrid music, which is sure to make him one to watch.

Expected: Oct 2021

Cat: SNFCC008

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