Missing 'Jack It Operator / Fracture's 'Jacket Operator' Remix' 10"
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Missing 'Jack It Operator / Fracture's 'Jacket Operator' Remix' 10"

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“‘Jack it Operator’ comes with the incredible Fracture remix. This all came about because I went to Jungle Jam at The Cause in Tottenham just before Christmas last year. John Foul Play was spinning and dropped my recent release on Sub System; “X Amount of Dubs”. I was also lucky enough to have my old Kemet classic ‘The Box Reopens’ given a rinse by Uncle Dugs, so I was buzzing. Not only that but Kenny Ken played an amazing set with a slew of jungle rollers followed by an epic back to back between Fracture and Sherelle.

Expected:18th December 2020

Cat: SSR004

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