Booca, DSP & Ben Kei 'Somewhere Between' EP

Booca, DSP & Ben Kei 'Somewhere Between' EP

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Breakbeat led D&B / Drumfunk from the Transmute gang!!


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Booca – Breath Of My Spirit is a tripped out adventure into the mind of one of the most original artists we have heard in a long time. Starting off with the sounds of distorted, warped vinyl and melancholic vocal chants it builds into wonderful exhibition of funked up drums and big bass stabs. One of those tunes where you will discover something new on each listen. Expect to hear more from this great Italian producer on Transmute soon.

DSP – Just A Touch is a big dubby, drumfunk tear out. The chopped up drums build into a crescendo of dubbed out bass, haunting pads and DSP’s trademark fills & rolls. Check this out on a big rig (when we are allowed). Look out for more beats from MK’s finest this year as we know he is cooking up some Trouble!

Ben Kei – Desolate. Dalston Chillies founder brings his perpetual spicing to Transmute with a heavy rolling bass & drum display. Percussive beginnings creeps into mentasm and jazz keys manifesting into some classic niceness jungle vibes. The bassline on this really is big and should be enjoyed at the highest possible volume. Spicy!

Release Date: 19th June 2020

Cat: TMR014

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