Kingsize ‘Get My Loving / Dream Tracking’ 12"
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Kingsize ‘Get My Loving / Dream Tracking’ 12"

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Label owner Kingsize gets his first release on the label, 25 years in the game as a producer but the first solo outing since 2006. These tracks sit firmly in with the 94/95 drum & bass / jungle sound.
Get My Loving is a pad and piano filled beauty of a track. The piano line is straight out of the Omni Trio piano handbook. The track eases itself along at a lovely mellow pace showcasing the musical elements before dropping down to a minimal stepping section, which is the calm before the storm. We then enter an amen workout in typical 94/95 fashion before the grand musical finale. Fantastic stuff. Dream tracking has received praise from all angles. Being championed by Jay Cunning on his show it has become the most anticipated track to be released on Time Tunnel.

Again pianos and pads are the key elements here and the vocal narration on the track helps take things onto an ethereal level. When the track drops you are transported back to AWOL at the Paradise. The dreamy breakdown sections are a stark contrast to the deep moody drops, this leads to the dark/light balance that so many crave for being presented perfectly.

A future classic.

Expected: 16th July 2021

Cat: TUNNEL004

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