Clarity 'UVB76-016' EP
UVB-76 / Droogs

Clarity 'UVB76-016' EP

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Clarity is back with four absolute 170 melters... This is a buy on sight vibe, trust!!


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Clarity’s first solo release on UVB-76 Music arrives in the form of a highly polished, firm footed quartet. Four grounded, heavyweight churners that sit proudly at the core of relevant Drum & Bass: Torsion, Stateless and Taking Effect.Across the three original compositions Clarity commands the frequencies of the contemporary breakbeat form. Completing the circle is Clarity’s remix of label mate Overlook’s All of Them Witches, an interpretive reimaging of an already bona- fide modern classic; poise, precision and execution.

Release Date: 12th June 2020

Cat: UVB76-016

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