Various 'Repertoire 10/20' 2x12"

Various 'Repertoire 10/20' 2x12"

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A1 - Ricky Force - Make It Right (Dead Man's Chest 94 Raw Remix)
A2.  Tim Reaper - Second Chance (Sonar's Ghost Remix)
B1 - Overlook - Misty (Law & Wheeler Remix)
B2 - Madcap - Never Be Free (Friske Remix)
C1 - David Louis & Stranjah - Lethal (Double-O Remix)
C2 - Law & Wheeler - Night Forms (Eusebeia Remix)
D1 - ILK - Return To Swanborough (Au & Jesta Remix)
D2 - Artilect - Lost (Soul Intent Remix)

Release Date: 13th December 2019

10 years is a long time for any label, and throughout the past decade Repertoire has seen distributors come and go, vinyl sales plummet, and interest in the breakbeat-led drum and bass wane. But steadfast in its ideals, the label has never strayed from its roots, and today goes from strength to strength as jungle's golden age influences a new generation.

To celebrate this landmark we've tasked some of the most influential producers on the jungle circuit with re-imagining classic tracks from our back catalogue.
This is Repertoire 10/20.

Featuring remixes from scene trailblazers such as Dead Man's Chest, Sonar's Ghost, Double-O, Friske, AU & Jesta, and more. Repertoire 10/20 is a broad look at underground drum and bass as it is in 2019 and beyond.

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