Diplomat ‘Here Comes Mongo’ EP– RED VINYL
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Diplomat ‘Here Comes Mongo’ EP– RED VINYL

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In 1992 Diplomat and his pal Julian ‘Hellfish’ Cobb were recording for Moving Shadow under the name of Destruction Production. Not long after this release Diplomat started work on this EP, using Hellfish’s studio to mixdown the final recordings. The original release of this EP came out in 1993 on Diplomats own label, Immunity Records. This is another sought after classic piece of early UK hardcore, commanding prices of up to £100 a copy of Discogs.

After two releases on Immunity, Diplomat recorded for Bogwoppa and Deathchant throughout the 90’s before setting up his own label called Electro Avenue Records, releasing some amazing electro tracks.

Release date: 11th Sept 2020

Cat: VFS014

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