Black Yukon Sucker Punch 'Fault Current / Retrocognition' 12"
Yukon Punch Recordings

Black Yukon Sucker Punch 'Fault Current / Retrocognition' 12"

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While most popular neurofunk has shifted its focus to pushing the boundaries of sound design, Black Yukon Sucker Punch strips the genre back to its deep, dark, head-nodding fundamentals.

Fault Current / Retrocognition is pressed on 12" black vinyl. Limited to 100 copies.

Some words from Juno Records:
"Brand new talent from Kenmore, Washington; Black Yukon Sucker Punch hurls himself into the ether with this foundation-fired self-release. Tapping into that classic late 90s/early 2000s techstep sound, both cuts rattle bones with minimal muscle and maximum tension. 'Fault Current' is a sci-fi inspired wriggler with twisted alien FX wrapping tightly around sinewy two-steps. 'Retrocognition' hits with a little more neuro, psychedelic touches. Think early Audio Blueprint and you're on the right dancefloor."

Expected: 20th November 2020

Cat: YP001

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